Our Story

Our story is not an unusual one and not so interesting for "night reading". The main idea of the story is to demonstrate our example of how a good relationship can make a business grow and give birth to another business on the other side of the Earth.

University and working in local companies gave us, the founders, enough knowledge to start freelancing. Freelancing was one of the best goals you could reach some twelve years ago, as there were few companies in Armenia, and their income compared with freelancing was very low. Soon we met a client and nobody could know at that time that his business would be growing very fast and he would be the initiator of creating a new web development company in Yerevan.

The first big project was delivered to the client within one year. That was a medical sphere product, called Virtual Medical Office. We were anxious a little because that was our first experience when the product developed by us was used in real life and integrated with hospitals.

Since the project succeeded a few months after being launched, plenty of new hospitals got interested in the product, and led to hiring new developers. That was the motivation by Ara Gyodakyan and Tigran Hovhannisyan to found InScope LLC.

We are thankful to all our partners for sharing their experiences with us. We believe that good communications, discrimination of priorities, paying utmost attention to details are the most important: they are the keys to project success.

Using these keys we are sure to open more and more doors. Today InScope develops and supports applications throughout the world and is growing day by day...